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Meet Monique

About Monique

I am a wife, mommy and designer currently
living in Salt Lake City, Utah.

While I love Utah, I am a California girl at heart! Creating beautiful and comfortable spaces for my clients is my passion but raising my children is my greatest honour! I am inspired by all things pretty! I love my family, friends, colour, hydrangeas, France, a great bargain, culture, to-do lists, all things paper, fuchsia and purples, pedicures, lipstick, cooking, writing and drawing instruments, reading, French people and décor, and little hands in mine.

Featured in Utah Spaces Magazine in the
Marry Your Styles Article!

It is hard enough marrying your personalities, your lives and belonging, but how to do you successfully marry all the mentioned and your design styles?  It is a give and take in everything with a marriage, and design is no exception!

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My Process

I believe beautiful spaces can be created on any budget

I have had a love of interior design since childhood. I began sewing at the age of 9 in 4-H. I began decorating and sewing for friends’ interiors and local storefronts at the age of 15. I remember my first “design” task was at the age of 10, getting to pick out wallpaper for our friends’ home! I believe that everyone deserves to live and work in an environment that brings them pleasure and comfort. Pleasure and comfort promote happiness and productivity! I approach design from the standpoint of my client needs by first listening to them. I want to know their needs and what they feel is wrong with the current space – whether it be its current design, colour scheme, furniture placement, etc. Then I design around our conversation points, based on preference and appropriateness to the existing needs. I do not work in a specific style; rather, I tailor and sculpt interior spaces to fit the requirements of function and aesthetic appeal juxtaposed with my client’s needs, budget and ideals.

Monique Jacqueline Design has been Named

The 15 Best Interior Designers in Salt Lake City

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My Design Philosophy

full service interior design firm based in the Salt Lake City Area

Monique Jacqueline Design is a full service interior design firm based in the Salt Lake City Area, specializing in custom design for residences including full scale remodels or new builds – interior and exteriors alike. I also perform kitchen design, bath design, lighting design, and colour planning as well as space planning. I can provide online design services for those who want to do their projects themselves but are looking for a little bit of guidance. I pride myself in providing the most beautiful, yet practical environments that are unique to each client’s budget and needs. I provide guidance through the entire design process whether you are simply re-finishing or re-upholstering a piece of furniture, purchasing new furniture or completely gutting and remodeling an entire building. I love to help clients see their home with a fresh perspective. My favorite part of working as a designer is helping my clients create spaces that they are both proud to show off and comfortable to be in. I love to design interiors and exteriors that bring pleasure and comfort to my clients for years to come.

I hope that I have inspired you to do something whimsical and fun today!

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