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It’s the middle of November and it’s time to think about something fun!  We are making our holiday shopping lists and should be checking them twice!  Are you planning on supporting your local small businesses on Saturday, November 25th ? You know, that it is Small Business Saturday, RIGHT????  

I am a true advocate of supporting our local small businesses, not only on a certain day of the year, but keeping them on our minds every day, all year round!  I was raised in a small business family.  As are our children, both my husband and I are in the construction and design industry.

All of us entrepreneurs have a few common threads linking us together.  Besides the fact that we are each self employed, we have strong work ethics and determination in common too.  Without these values, we would not have our businesses!

I saw how hard my parents worked to make their businesses successful.  I saw the sometime struggles to make ends meet.  It was not always easy, but the strong work ethics and determination is what got them through.  In the past few years, we have all experienced the struggles of owning our businesses.  Again, our determination, work ethics and creativity are what have gotten us all where we are today! 

There is so much to be thankful for, it is difficult to list everyone and everything.  At this time of year, we find our minds heavy in thought about those special people that helped mold us into the people that we are, we think about the material things in our lives that we think we could not live without, as well as thinking about our friends that have given us some tremendous memories.   As the people and special thoughts are fresh in our minds,  I try to think about the one thing I am most thankful for, it is so difficult. 

I am so thankful for the ethics that my parents instilled in me at a very young age!  Those were the ethics of hard work, taking responsibility for my actions and determination, never give up!  These ideals are the basis of our life!  I hope that my husband and I do as well instilling these ideals in our children!

So, my friends, please remember these ideals are instilled in every small business owner as you make decisions for your next purchase or your next phone call requiring services.  We have SO many fantastic local businesses in our own backyards!  Go support them!

Also remember, that sometimes the extra couple of miles driven to save a couple of dollars, really might not be such a savings after all!  Please support your local small business owners in all that you do!  The mom and pop storefronts really have their hearts in ALL that they do!  The customer service and attention to detail will far surpass your savings of a couple of dollars, in more ways than one!



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